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We welcome interested and motivated undergraduates to join our lab. Students may volunteer or obtain research credit.


All students will be considered based on if a position is available. A minimum of 10 hours a week for 2 consecutive quarters of lab commitment is required.


To apply: 

Please email Dr. Sheikh ( ) for research inquiries with your reason for interest, a resume, and a list of relevant coursework.

Join the Lab



We are enthusiastic for all interested graduate students in joining or callobrating with our laboratory. If interested, please contact Dr. Sheikh ( ). We consider students in the following programs:


Postdoctoral Fellows

Talented and encouraging potential postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to contact Dr. Sheikh ( ). 


Please include a CV, 2 references, and a description explaining your past work, current interests, and career goals.


Candidates with a strong background (supported by high quality publications) in stem cell biology, bioengineering, and cardiovascular physiology are preferred.

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